And you have sex toys in your home ! Find out who they are !

If you have not yet dared to enter a sex shop to buy a sex toy , or you simply do not have money for it , we have good news for you : your home is full of objects that can – enhance your sexual pleasure !

If you have not yet used your imagination for this purpose , we tell you a few items present in the house to anyone who successfully replace the commercial sex toys .

Washing machine
If you put in washing clothes , the fun can begin ! Vibrations by washing are very stimulating and makes sex an unforgettable experience! So take a seat and get a job ! You arrive in seventh heaven , and when you return , double satisfaction : your clothes will be clean and dry !

Each of baie
You have no access to the sea or a swimming pool whenever you feel like you do sex in apa, the bathtub is a good option as ! Moreover, in the tub enjoying more intimacy with your partner ! Suppose you tub , so you know what you do not lack : foam , bath oils and much fun!

Mass kitten if congelatorul
Do not fret , do not suggest anything dangerous! Mention here the alternating cold and hot which makes the blood moving and wakes sexual stimuli . From the freezer , you can grab the most natural sex toy : iceAnd on the kitchen table you can put feelings into motion !

Balcony or garden
Nothing beats sex toy sexual in nature . Fresh air, grass plants in the balcony or garden , the sounds around you and the danger of being spotted at any time make a typical game of sex a real adventure ! And couples who practice this method are fairly spicy sex life that no longer need to resort to using sex toys usual .