5 stars who have turned into strengths defects PHOTO

Celebrities who have confidence they know how to face failures and do not let them lead the life . So, the path to success was not their state or nose too high nor too broad forehead , no hips and no huge large lips like suction cups .

1 . Beyonce – wide hips , but sexy
All the girls look beautiful full inspiration from singers and , if they have a few extra pounds will be compared with it . Certainly , Beyonce able to impose forms in the category of sexy bodies .

2 . Angelina Jolie – sexy lips and large
big lips were not in vogue before Angie has become a symbol of beauty , in the 90s . Currently , silicone or collagen lip augmentation is one of the most popular beauty procedures .

3 . Sarah Jessica Parker – big nose , but with personality
Sarah is not her nose size complex . As law dovata in a series devoted to sex and the city – , it is autoironizeaza and make fun of trouble . Though big , the nose is it a sign of authenticity and uniqueness .

4 . Tyra Banks – headed wide , but toned
Throughout his career, Tyra had many obstacles due to his forehead a little flat . Moreover, tabloids have a constantly ridiculed because of his physiognomy . However, Tyra was the one who laughed after better because now is one of the richest women in the world .

5 . Karolina Kurkova – flat belly , but no belly button
Supermodel 24 years old was often likened to an alien , just because it has no navel , because we rest . Magazines , she was always applied with a belly Photoshop. Now But Karolina no longer embarrassed to show their belly and enjoy as it is unique .