6 reasons not to move in with lover

Girls, if you do not smile much thought to move with your boyfriend yet, we support you ! So , besides the grounds that they already have , we give you some – something funny , that ‘s right !

1 . Pee in the sink
Why ? Because I can ! For all pipes leading men in the same place , so in extreme emergencies , use the sink! So , if your boyfriend is just pee on the toilet lid , you can find a lucky girl!

2 . Out different sounds
Do not think only flatuenta ! Men are champions and other noises such as snoring, or coughing ragaitul ! Even if you do not hear all the time , they exist!

3 . Bring men home
You say there’s nothing good that without women ! But I tell you : it will install on the couch , where they will drink beer and make noise ! and especially if a football match in the middle !

4 . Smoke house
Not all , it is true , but most men have a great gratification to smoke even in bed and , if possible , watching television . Obviously, do not open the window to aeriseasca !

5 . Leaves her stockings thrown through house
greater pleasure than to throw socks that have strangled the day there feet for men ! So do not be surprised too much if you throw and where he sees with eyes !

6 . Make mess in the kitchen
And obviously not clean up after them! You will not find any man who gladly clean stove , kitchen table or wash the dishes ! And if you find , hold it tight it’s a rarity !


And you have sex toys in your home ! Find out who they are !

If you have not yet dared to enter a sex shop to buy a sex toy , or you simply do not have money for it , we have good news for you : your home is full of objects that can – enhance your sexual pleasure !

If you have not yet used your imagination for this purpose , we tell you a few items present in the house to anyone who successfully replace the commercial sex toys .

Washing machine
If you put in washing clothes , the fun can begin ! Vibrations by washing are very stimulating and makes sex an unforgettable experience! So take a seat and get a job ! You arrive in seventh heaven , and when you return , double satisfaction : your clothes will be clean and dry !

Each of baie
You have no access to the sea or a swimming pool whenever you feel like you do sex in apa, the bathtub is a good option as ! Moreover, in the tub enjoying more intimacy with your partner ! Suppose you tub , so you know what you do not lack : foam , bath oils and much fun!

Mass kitten if congelatorul
Do not fret , do not suggest anything dangerous! Mention here the alternating cold and hot which makes the blood moving and wakes sexual stimuli . From the freezer , you can grab the most natural sex toy : iceAnd on the kitchen table you can put feelings into motion !

Balcony or garden
Nothing beats sex toy sexual in nature . Fresh air, grass plants in the balcony or garden , the sounds around you and the danger of being spotted at any time make a typical game of sex a real adventure ! And couples who practice this method are fairly spicy sex life that no longer need to resort to using sex toys usual .

10 interesting things about sex

You know how long the average female orgasm ? Have you ever wondered how many calories have a tablespoon of sperm ? you interested in how many men have sex one day worldwide ? Find out from here all the answers .

1.Clitorisul has about 8000 nerve endings , which represents the highest concentration of nerve endings throughout the body , while the penis is about 4,000 nerve endings .

2 . sperm per ejaculation speed can reach even 45 km per hour .

3 . On average , women orgasm lasts eighteen seconds , and the man of 25 seconds

4 . Average man is part of five erections during sleep .

5 . On average we spend about two weeks of their life kissing us .

6 . A tablespoon of semen has 5 calories .

7 . Sperm survive in the body between 3 and 7 days .

8 . Daily World hosts about 120 million sexual intercourse .

9 . Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world . Is 10 times more effective than Valium .

10 . On average , 12 gallons of semen secret man throughout his life.

8 sexual position to put into practice this summer

With degrees in thermometers increases considerably and sex. If you want to be part of orgasms as intense as sunlight , put in practice these positions !

1 . Put yourself in his arms and … dance !


2 . … Or take advantage less power lover

3 . Supports up to a chair and let your lover to control movements

4 . Keep your legs united and enjoy the sensations

5 . Get better acquainted with the G

6 . … Spend less time in the company ‘s 🙂

7 . Do not miss the rear position

8 . And you and put you to work sometime

4 Places He Wants to Be Touched (But Doesn’t Know it Yet)

Prove you really know your way around his bod by focusing on some of his most neglected nerve endings.

His Jawline

It’s one of the most visible symbols of your guy’s manhood, yet it rarely gets attention. “When you stroke a man’s jaw, you’re subconsciously reinforcing to him that he’s masculine, which is an ego boost,” says Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of Men In Bed. And that chin stubble doesn’t just look sexy — it’s the gateway to loads of pleasure receptors that reside where his facial hair meets skin.

TOUCH IT: Gently trace the tips of your fingers across his jaw, starting at his earlobe and working your way down. Lightly stroking this area stimulates sensitive nerves in his face, says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Passionista: The Empowered Woman’s Guide To Pleasuring A Man. Throw in a subtle dominatrix vibe by cupping your hands around his chin and staring into his eyes for a few seconds, before leaning in for a steamy kiss.

   His Forearm

There are two spots here that are primed for pleasure. Just like his jawline, the top of your guy’s forearm is extra sensitive because of the nerve-packed hair follicles, Kerner says. And the smooth underside of his arm is jammed with tense muscles just begging for a release.

TOUCH IT: Face your man and lightly place your hands around each forearm with your thumbs on top, using your fingers to lightly rub up and down the top and bottom of his arms (massage the meatiest parts but avoid the bone), recommends sex coach Amy Levine, founder of Sexedsolutions.com. Keep rubbing until you see him visibly relax…then rub some more. The combo of the stress relief and drawn-out physical contact will leave him craving a deeper connection.

His Inner Thigh

Few women actually explore a man’s inner thighs, which means he may be a bit, uh, shocked, but still really turned on when you take a maiden voyage down there. Plus, when you get your guy’s blood pumping in this area, you’re automatically upping his arousal, giving him an even harder-than-usual erection.

TOUCH IT: Gently grab his legs and spread them to expose his inner thighs. When you make contact, “always move towards his penis to guide the blood flow in that direction,” Keesling says. Start massaging his muscles with light finger strokes, upgrading to a firmer touch before licking and kissing each side with increasing frequency as you near his package.

His Lower Back

We mean really low — like, right above his crack. “This area is typically neglected because men are so sensitive about their butt, but it’s really responsive to a firm, sexy massage,” Kerner explains. Working the muscles there will feel slightly taboo to him (which is why it’s so hot), and enables you to get rid of a tension-induced stiffness so he can move his hips more freely later on.

TOUCH IT: Put his mind at ease by reassuring him that you’re just going to massage his muscles, not do anything crazy, Keesling recommends. Then straddle his legs while he’s lying on his stomach and treat him to a rubdown, starting at the bottom of his lower back and heading south to the top of his tailbone. Place the heels of your hands on either side of his spine, and stroke firmly outward toward his sides. Move your hands down an inch and repeat until you’re halfway down his butt, then move slowly back up.