Defects , but perfect : about 10 beauties with big nose

When it comes to a nose too large , complex women feel they lose confidence . Yet there are people who preferred Natural and remain successful , even if their nose is standards of beauty !
For some celebrities , see photo gallery here , nose was an impediment to success , so they preferred and operating it . However, there are women who have learned to live with him and to focus only on makeup and hairstyles that they favor . And even if you do not believe it , they are considered among the most beautiful women in the world !

1 . Scarlett Johannson: actress always had a curved nose , but this has not prevented her being named one of the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world .

2 . Blake Lively: Blake also has a rather large nose , but this has not prevented her walk the red carpet as one of the hottest young actresses .

3 . Sarah Michelle Gellar : even if it has a big nose , the actress from ” Buffy the Vampire Slayer ” was in the ’90s sex symbol . She preferred not to use the knife and left to remain as a nature .

4 . Anne Hathaway: Anne has a big nose . But unlike other actresses , she has great facial features and the rest : eyes , lips , teeth , smile and eyebrows . So her face is harmonious nose out not necessarily obvious.

5 . Gisele Bundchen: is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the only models in the world with a nose so large . Although it has undergone a rhinoplasty surgery , Gisele is still a big nose , but what difference does it make when a body is so sexy ?

6 . Jennifer Aniston: has a rather prominent nose and not just thin , but Jennifer does not seem to leave so shot down . She opted for a little plastic surgery , but did not go too far , so it’s one of the sexiest celebrities with big noses .

7 . Penelope Cruz: probably not you never thought Penelope Cruz in terms of its large nose , and that’s because Penelope looks great in general. A detail fails to ruin the beauty , and she is aware of this !

8 . Sarah Jessica Parker: even after some plastic surgery , Sarah is also a prominent nose . But her fashion style and playful personality managed to transform her nose in the most chic fashion accessory !

9 . Ashley Tisdale: young actress has a longish nose and prominent enough , but too many can not change it. and so she prefers to conceal it with makeup , but also poses way .

10 . Barbra Streisand: is one of the best known actresses with big noses . But her physique has not prevented her to reach one of the most popular actresses and singers of all time .


5 stars who have turned into strengths defects PHOTO

Celebrities who have confidence they know how to face failures and do not let them lead the life . So, the path to success was not their state or nose too high nor too broad forehead , no hips and no huge large lips like suction cups .

1 . Beyonce – wide hips , but sexy
All the girls look beautiful full inspiration from singers and , if they have a few extra pounds will be compared with it . Certainly , Beyonce able to impose forms in the category of sexy bodies .

2 . Angelina Jolie – sexy lips and large
big lips were not in vogue before Angie has become a symbol of beauty , in the 90s . Currently , silicone or collagen lip augmentation is one of the most popular beauty procedures .

3 . Sarah Jessica Parker – big nose , but with personality
Sarah is not her nose size complex . As law dovata in a series devoted to sex and the city – , it is autoironizeaza and make fun of trouble . Though big , the nose is it a sign of authenticity and uniqueness .

4 . Tyra Banks – headed wide , but toned
Throughout his career, Tyra had many obstacles due to his forehead a little flat . Moreover, tabloids have a constantly ridiculed because of his physiognomy . However, Tyra was the one who laughed after better because now is one of the richest women in the world .

5 . Karolina Kurkova – flat belly , but no belly button
Supermodel 24 years old was often likened to an alien , just because it has no navel , because we rest . Magazines , she was always applied with a belly Photoshop. Now But Karolina no longer embarrassed to show their belly and enjoy as it is unique .