6 reasons not to move in with lover

Girls, if you do not smile much thought to move with your boyfriend yet, we support you ! So , besides the grounds that they already have , we give you some – something funny , that ‘s right !

1 . Pee in the sink
Why ? Because I can ! For all pipes leading men in the same place , so in extreme emergencies , use the sink! So , if your boyfriend is just pee on the toilet lid , you can find a lucky girl!

2 . Out different sounds
Do not think only flatuenta ! Men are champions and other noises such as snoring, or coughing ragaitul ! Even if you do not hear all the time , they exist!

3 . Bring men home
You say there’s nothing good that without women ! But I tell you : it will install on the couch , where they will drink beer and make noise ! and especially if a football match in the middle !

4 . Smoke house
Not all , it is true , but most men have a great gratification to smoke even in bed and , if possible , watching television . Obviously, do not open the window to aeriseasca !

5 . Leaves her stockings thrown through house
greater pleasure than to throw socks that have strangled the day there feet for men ! So do not be surprised too much if you throw and where he sees with eyes !

6 . Make mess in the kitchen
And obviously not clean up after them! You will not find any man who gladly clean stove , kitchen table or wash the dishes ! And if you find , hold it tight it’s a rarity !


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