10 interesting things about sex

You know how long the average female orgasm ? Have you ever wondered how many calories have a tablespoon of sperm ? you interested in how many men have sex one day worldwide ? Find out from here all the answers .

1.Clitorisul has about 8000 nerve endings , which represents the highest concentration of nerve endings throughout the body , while the penis is about 4,000 nerve endings .

2 . sperm per ejaculation speed can reach even 45 km per hour .

3 . On average , women orgasm lasts eighteen seconds , and the man of 25 seconds

4 . Average man is part of five erections during sleep .

5 . On average we spend about two weeks of their life kissing us .

6 . A tablespoon of semen has 5 calories .

7 . Sperm survive in the body between 3 and 7 days .

8 . Daily World hosts about 120 million sexual intercourse .

9 . Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world . Is 10 times more effective than Valium .

10 . On average , 12 gallons of semen secret man throughout his life.


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